At Westtown Church, we believe that serving God and others is central to discovering your purpose, pursuing Christ and becoming a part of what God’s doing in the life of His church and the surrounding community.

Serving is one of the best ways to find a sense of belonging within your local church. Whether you are interested in working with children or youth, greeting guests, brewing coffee, or designing creative sets, there are a variety of volunteer teams that will help you connect, here at Westtown Church.

Serving at Westtown Church impacts our guests & the surrounding community in immeasurable ways. When you smile at a visitor, take out the trash, or paint a child’s face–you are taking Jesus to the world. Each volunteer who serves, plays a vital role in creating opportunities for lives to be changed, and hearts to be transformed for God’s glory.

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Serving Opportunities


Westtown Kids is all about engaging children in the rich stories and characters of the Bible in a way that enables them to find relevance in the truths of scripture. Whether you’re teaching a class, checking children into our secure system, or rocking a sleeping baby, our Kids environment will allow you to use your gifts to serve the families and children at Westtown.


Are you passionate about connecting with and influencing young people? Then Westtown Student Ministries is a great place to start. Our youth program has weekly large group events and small groups. You can be a part of leading small group discussions, hanging out with students, or simply serving snacks and drinks.

Connections & Hospitality

Every week the Connections Team has a unique opportunity to connect with nearly every person that walks through the doors of Westtown Church. Whether it’s in the parking lot, lobby, or sanctuary, this team plays an integral part in impacting lives, by greeting, preparing coffee and snacks, and connecting people with the right information.


Ideal if you enjoy behind-the-scenes roles, or have a flexible weekday schedule. All of our administrative opportunities are during the week at the church office, helping staff with a variety of tasks or other various projects–from running errands, to data entry, serving the church through these important tasks will serve the greater overall mission of Westtown Church.

Music & Technical Arts

Want to help lead people in worship through singing, mixing a sound board or running lights or video? Joining Westtown Church’s high-energy worship team will provide you the opportunity to help create an environment that allows people to encounter Christ through music and audio and video production.

Creative Arts

Helping to creatively support the different ministries and mission of Westtown Church, our Creative Arts Team has a variety of opportunities available, and in many different skill levels. From designing sets, taking photos or writing website copy–using your gifts and talents in art, design and marketing, you’ll be able to serve others and guide them into a deeper connection with Christ.

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