We believe that worship is a response with both our hearts and our minds to the overwhelming goodness of the Lord.

The music at our Sunday worship services is designed to point us to God our Creator and Jesus our Savior

Our hope is that this will work in our lives and increase our awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence. We are not bound by one specific genre of worship music but you can typically expect a style somewhere between Christian modern-rock and acoustic-folk. We value hymns, whether traditional or modern arrangements.

We also believe visual worship is important and prompts us to respond to His beauty. Our liturgy each week will include prayer, music, preaching, reading of scripture and giving. Some Sundays we celebrate the sacraments given to us in communion and baptism.

Choir at Westtown Church

Interested in joining Choir at Westtown Church? We’d love for you to join us. We have an adult and a kids’s choir and both are open to anyone who has a passion for singing.

Adult Choir

The Westtown Adult Choir meets every Thursday at 8pm in the Upstairs Conference Room.

Kids' Choir

The Westtown Kids’ Choir periodically meets and sings for Sunday morning worship.

Music On Sundays

Each Sunday at Westtown Church, we worship to a variety of styles and sounds. To get an idea of the music we play on a weekly basis, listen to our Sunday Setlist playlist on Spotify.

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Original Music

from Westtown Worship

Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful came from a place of realizing that certain burdens we pray so hard about before, have the hope of becoming unexplainable blessings in our lives, in moments, big and small, that we least expect.

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Known was written about how we exist to bring glory to God and make Him known to the ends of the earth, and make Him famous, rather than ourselves.

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Joy (God Rest Ye)

An original Christmas song featuring the beloved classic God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. We pray that you’ll find glad tidings (good news) of comfort and joy this Christmas season only found in Christ Jesus, our Savior. May it point you to the only true source of hope and redemption.

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Unto Us

A modern take on the famous and recognizable Handel’s Messiah chorus, For Unto Us A Child Is Born. Our hope is that this original song will help point you to the only true source of hope and redemption this Christmas.

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