Trip Details

  • Trip Cost: $1,000 – $1,200 per person (depending on airfare)
  • Age Requirement: Men, age 18 or older
  • Team Size: Up to 25
  • Team Leader: Morgan Lusk
  • Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Partnering Organization: Sowing for Eternity Ministries

Trip Dates

  • May 30th – Team Leaves
  • June 3rd – Team Returns

Trip Mission

Our goal is to spend time in Santo Domingo and surrounding villages playing softball with Dominican men and participating in various work projects. These events and projects are ways we hope God will open doors to gospel conversations and eventually to churches being planted in these villages.

We are also going on this trip to give men an opportunity to experience a small taste of life on the mission field, with the hope that we will come back stronger in the Lord and energized to live missional lives at home.

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples”

John 13:35

Support Dominican Republic 2020 Today

Ways To Give

We desire to be a generous church. Below are a few ways you can specifically give towards the 2020 Dominican Republic Men’s Missions Trip and Team.

Tennis Balls

Sowing For Eternity is in need of a new Tennis Balls that can be used for ministry outreach and sports related activities.


Buys 12 Cans of Tennis Balls
Give $25

Baseball Hats

Support local Dominicans by helping us provide a free MLB team hat. Feel free to drop your hats off, here at Westtown, or give financially towards the purchase of hats.


Buys One Hat
Give $20


Support local Dominicans by helping us provide free backpacks. Feel free to drop your backpacks off, here at Westtown, or give financially towards the purchase of backpacks.


Buys One Backpack
Give $20

Dominican Republic Team Members

Our Westtown Church Dominican Republic Men’s Missions Team is raising their own support to travel and be a part of this trip life-changing. Consider supporting each team member financially.

2020 Dominican Republic Team

Have you ever desired to serve on a missions trip, but not sure where to begin?

Our 2020 Men’s Dominican Republic Missions Team is made up of people just like you. Take a moment to consider where God may be leading you to serve this year. As a church, we want to pray for them, encourage them and support them.

Get In Touch

Email Team Leader

Pray For This Trip

We believe that prayer changes things. Below are a few ways you can specifically pray for the 2020 Dominican Republic Men’s Missions Trip and Team.


Team & Preparation

Pray for God to gather the right men for this team, for team leaders to prepare the team well and for financial support–we hope for the entire cost to be covered through generous giving and fundraising.


Gospel Impact

Pray for gospel impact in the team’s lives–that we would learn much from the Dominicans and that God would use this time to grow us spiritually. We also ask for prayer for gospel impact on the people of the Dominican Republic–that our efforts would help lead to churches planted, local pastors supported, and lives changed.


Protection & Trust

Protect our team and provide safe playing conditions and no injuries. Pray for safe travel to, within, and from the D.R., and for safety and protection for everyone we come into contact with while on this trip.

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