We Are Creatures That Worship

“The oceans rage, the mountains rise the wonder of the endless skies creation sings, You’re spirit moves forever we will worship You.”

Call me a tree hugger–I don’t care.

I love a good tree. Random enough for you? Hear me out–whether its the strength and sheer mass of an 80 year old southern live oak or the shade of a Florida Keys coconut palm or even the power and might of a “cedar of Lebanon” often referenced in the old testament, trees are beautiful and diverse in purpose and they are great symbols of life, strength and growth found in nature. They also point me to an artistic God who created them. Now, I’m not about to strap myself to a tree in front of a new proposed housing development or anything. I just wanted to get your attention. We all are moved by creation in some way. Whats your thing? maybe its the beach and wide open Gulf of Mexico, the ski slopes of Colorado or the blooming azaleas in April here in the South?

Isaiah 55:12
“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

I love the idea that we join in with the rest of creation in worship aimed at one perfect, immeasurable, eternal God who is in and around all things. Thank goodness that His glory doesn’t hinge on me and my often-distracted and weak-hearted worship. The beauty of creation is something where I just can’t resist worshiping Him. I’m reminded of some of my favorite moments each fall during hunting season… hearing and seeing the woods wake up at first light. Birds start to sing their songs and animals start moving in their instinctive search for food. The rhythm that God has set for them works as designed. Its amazing.

Isaiah 43:7
“Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

We were designed to worship the Lord.

We are creatures that worship, whether the object of our worship is the God of Creation as He desires or whether we choose to go our own way and worship things that we shouldn’t like ourselves, our kids, our jobs, sports, pleasure, you name it. A lot of these things are good things obviously because God made them to be good, but only when we keep those things in check and know that they are from God Himself. He is the focal point of our worship. True God-centered worship should be a response to the goodness of the Lord, whether we see it in nature or see His goodness in any aspect of our lives.

Be encouraged you to seek out those things that move you.

Not just for your personal relaxation and enjoyment, but for your heart and mind to refocus on our great God. Matt Chandler talks about the importance of doing things that “stir your affections” for the Lord. What things stir your affections for the Lord? Maybe its a great meal with friends, or a Rays game with your son or some alone time to get some shopping in… just to name a few. Spending time outdoors does it for me. Hunting, fishing, and hiking with my wife are all things that make me think about our God who created all of it. Think about those things that move you towards God & do em!

Make It Real


In what ways can you find God's creativity and beauty in people, or things around you?

What things in your life are keeping God from being the focal point of everything you do and worship?

How can you refocus to start noticing the moments in life that move you? How can you put into practice, a more focused heart for worship and understanding of God's power and creativity?

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