Giving Consistently is Easy With Recurring Online Giving

Not only do you have a generous heart but you also have generous habits which is why you have taken the time not only to give, but to give consistently with a recurring contribution to Westtown Church. This intentionality does not go unnoticed and it has a powerful impact in your own spiritual formation, but also an impact on the future generations at Westtown Church.

Set Up Recurring Giving in Planning Center Giving

Below are directions to set up your recurring giving in our new Online Giving system, Planning Center. If you need assistance or help with either of these, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Step 1

Visit Westtown Church’s Online Giving Page: Click on the green “Give Now” button, or just click the “Give Now” button below.

Give Now

Step 2

Select a Fund & Amount, then choose “Regularly” under the Frequency section. Select your frequency, a start date and enter your email, then click “Continue”.

Step 3

Choose & Set-up your preferred payment method, and follow the prompts to complete billing information for your recurring donation.

Step 4

Click “Start Giving”. You have the option to cover the processing fee for your gift on this step as well. Just select the checkbox above the blue “Start Giving” button.

Step 5

You’ve successfully set up your recurring gift! This confirmation page should appear, indicating you have completed the set-up of the recurring gift.

Step 6

You will also receive an email confirmation. Verify the details are correct and retain this email for your records. You can always log in to view your gift history as well.

Ready To Set Up Your Recurring Giving Online?

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