He has called us to be good stewards of His resources.

Therefore, we invest our time, our talents, and our treasures in things that matter to God. We are called to be generous in every aspect of our lives, because of what Jesus has already done in us & through us.

Set Up Recurring Giving

If you’d like to set up automated recurring giving, or migrate your recurring gifts from our old system, Pushpay, to our new system, Planning Center, we’ve put together an easy to follow guide to help you.

“Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce.”

Proverbs 3:9

Ways To Give At Westtown

Give Online

You can give gifts online using our giving solution, Planning Center Giving. It is fast, simple & secure to set up an account & it’s as simple as sending a check, but with the visibility, security, and speed of a digital payment.

Text To Give

Text Giving is a fast, convenient, and safe way to give at Westtown. Text any amount (example: $25 or $25.00) to the short code 84321. Follow the prompts to complete your gift. It’s that simple!

Church Center App

The Church Center app enables fast & secure giving through a free app that can be downloaded for Apple iOS & Android. You can also view personal profile information and event registration history.

Cash or Check

You can give by cash or check at Westtown during any of our weekly services, or drop off your gift at the Church Office. To acknowledge your giving at Westtown Church, please fill out an offering envelope.

Bank, Stock or Land

Bill Pay through your bank is a great way to give regularly & consistently. In addition, if you have stocks or land assets you would like to gift to Westtown, please get in touch and we will discuss the options available.

We believe God owns everything. His Word shows us both the responsibilities and the blessings of giving.

The act of giving is our acknowledgement that all that we have is a gift to us, entrusted for our stewardship and intended for good. We are taught that our giving should be in proportion to what we have received through God’s goodness, and that it should come from a cheerful heart.

Our giving is an act of worship, a reflection of God’s kindness and provision. The proper use of those gifts is the solemn responsibility of those God places in the roles of leadership in His church. At Westtown Church, that responsibility is carried out by our Elders and our Deacons.

Scripture teaches that the tithe is a tenth of all that God has given us. The tithe is the gift of highest priority. It is 10% of our money, but it is also a tenth of the time we are allotted and a tenth of the “talents” or skills we have been given. Your financial tithe to our church, along with “unrestricted and undesignated” gifts, are used to support the general operations of the church.

Online Giving FAQs

Some of the most common questions we receive, regarding giving at Westtown Church, are listed below. We hope they’ll help you feel secure and confident that your generosity and gifts are being handled well.

What is Planning Center Giving?

The donor interface for Planning Center Giving is hosted on ChurchCenter.com. Your church uses a unique web address (westtownchurch.churchcenter.com/giving) where people can give and manage their contact information, recurring gifts, payment methods, and view their giving history. You can learn more about the Planning Center Giving experience here: mywt.us/pcogiveonline

Is Planning Center Giving safe?

Yes. No credit card details are held on your phone. Credit card details are tokenized and are stored on industrial grade servers where this information is then encrypted. The security setup we have used is the same as many banks and is PCI DSS compliant. For this reason, Planning Center Giving is considered significantly more secure than many current offerings including actually having a credit card physically present.

What if I forget my password?

That’s ok! With Planning Center Giving, passwords aren’t used. Passwords aren’t secure or simple since they’re reused, making them weak, and with passwordless login, people don’t have to create an account–all they need is an email address. You can learn more about this here: mywt.us/pcopassword

Do I get a receipt if I give online?

Yes, You will receive an email immediately after giving. However you can view a list of your transactions that you have made using Planning Center Giving. Simply login and you can see all of the giving you have done via the Church Center app, website and texting.

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