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Kids’ Bible Bowl

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Kids’ Town will have another exciting Bible Bowl!

We’ll be going through pages 18-20 and we can’t wait to see all that your wonderful children have learned about the Bible.

Study These Sections:

  1. “The Good Samaritan”
  2. “Tribes of Israel”
  3. ”Bible – Home Life”

Help encourage your kids to get engaged and have some fun learning the Bible for our upcoming Bible Bowl at Westtown Church.

Looking for ways to do just that?

Below, we’ve outlined 3 simple ways you can help your child learn about the Bible and prepare for Bible Bowl:

  1. Quiz your kids while driving in the car, waiting at a doctor’s office or around the dinner table.
  2. Have your kids quiz you! Often the best way to learn is by teaching someone else.
  3. Make a fun game out of it. Play Bible Bowl Jeopardy, or create a scavenger hunt. The options are limitless.

These are just a few ways to engage your children in the word of God and to encourage them to learn about Jesus and all he’s done in their lives. Keep up the great work parents! You rock!