Preparing For My First Missions Trip

As I prepare for my first missions trip I find myself praying that God would grow my faith and strengthen my passion to help others who are in need.

I love doing whatever I can to be a benefit to others, so I am especially super excited and so sure that God wants me in Miami this year!  I pray that God humbles and softens my heart from now until the time of our trip, during the trip, and once we get back home afterwards.

I want to become more like Jesus in the way he is loving, compassionate and a servant of all.

I am going to school to be a Registered Nurse, and hopefully picking a specialty in trauma or in the ICU.  For this job you have to be patient, yet quick, and making sure you’re doing whatever possible to make your patients comfortable and that they receive the care they need.  I already have this experience working in the restaurant industry as a server, however, my “patients” are actually my customers.  These two jobs cater to the same skills I need for the Miami 2016 trip and looking back I can see how God is using my life’s circumstance to prepare me for my role on this team.  I can’t wait for God to show me how to be passionate about serving others more than he already has, and being more and more Christ like.

– Sydney Davis